Connect Socially

Model 1: Consulting services on retainer basis

Under this model we provide services relating to financial and commercial aspects including -

  • Strategic brain storming
  • Target setting and tracking - similar to project management services
  • Financial evaluation of vendors, financial negotiations / agreements with vendors / partners
  • Refer you to service providers in our network for any other services you may need

Model 2: Prelude to Fund-raising

This model primarily involves discussions to understand the business - past, present & future, and preparation of collaterals which include

  • A 1 page teaser
  • A financial model
  • Business valuation
  • Short B-Plan presentation
  • Detailed B-Plan presentation

Model 3: Fund-raising

The activities involved in this model include

  • Identifying potential investors
  • Circulating the Teaser to investors of founder's choice
  • Assistance / accompanying in investor Pitches
  • Assistance in Due Diligence
  • Negotiation / finalization of Term Sheets and definitive documents